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Live, Learn, Evolve

Martial Arts Program

All school programs are run by VIT registered Physical Education teachers and adhere to the Victorian Curriculum. Instructors are fully insured and hold current Working with Children and First Aid certificates.

how Does it work?

Schools can book us for a single session or to run our full 5 session course (one session per day) based on the 5 pillars of success.


Sessions run for 60 min (this can be adapted to suit your schools timetable). Sessions are $10 per student for a single session or $40 per student for the 5 session course. There must be a minimum of 20 students in a session.


Each session focuses on a different theme related to personal development and utilizes martial arts skills to challenge students to extend their thinking and personal understanding.

*Contact us for an individualised quote for larger group sizes.


Session 1: Self Concept

Students are encouraged to examine both their strengths and limitations and to accept themselves and others without judgement. This helps students to develop a positive self-concept. This works hand in hand with developing self-confidence. Students are encouraged to be themselves and not fall victim to negative peer pressure. They are taught that through daily practice and persevering with positive habits and rituals they can further develop themselves into the person they envisage to become.

Session 2: Self Confidence

Students are taught through challenging themselves the difference between exhibiting confidence which is determined by external praise and reward. And true SELF-confidence which is determined by a students acceptance and understanding of themselves through being challenged both physically and mentally and ultimately triumphing. True Self-Confidence can not be affected by external influences, it is developed and maintained internally.

Session 3: Self Control

When learning martial arts it is important that students develop a high level of skill in order to control their techniques. This helps students to be able to deliver fast and powerful techniques without causing injury to themselves or others. However, self-control also refers to a student’s ability to control their emotions, thoughts and actions. This practice begins at the earliest opportunity by teaching young students to focus and by teaching the three skills of listening. Being able to control your emotions and thoughts is an important skill to ensure that students can achieve their fullest potential in all aspects of their lives.

Session 4: Challenging your ‘self’

Through developing and consistently practicing positive habits, students are taught that they can dramatically improve their circumstances. Students are taught how to develop goals and then break them down into achievable, daily habits.

Session 5: Live-Learn-Evolve

During the final session we break down the Evolution Martial Arts mantra. Live; Learn; Evolve! We teach students that throughout our lives we should never stop learning and adapting, we should continue to learn and evolve in order to grow and develop.

Although it is best that these five sessions be taught in sequential sessions. It is possible to book a single session or to even have a session tailor made to meet the needs of your school.
If you are interested in booking us for your school, please fill in the form below with all of the required details and we will be in touch regarding available dates.
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Cost of program


Single session – $10 per student


5 Sessions – $40 per student


*Minimum of 20 students per session

*Contact us for an individualised quote for larger group sizes.


We have been operating in the Mont Albert area of greater Melbourne for over 15 years and have just commenced in Point Cook.





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